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Frequently asked questions


  • Question: Which and how many filters are produced by BMC?

  • Question: Why are cotton air filters better than others?

  • Question: Can I order directly from you?

  • Question: Where do I buy BMC products?

  • Question: What are replacement filters for standard air-boxes?

  • Question: How do you regenerate a BMC filter?

  • Question: How do you install BMC Replacement filters?

  • Question: Does the air flow sensor risks to get damaged by installing a BMC filter?

  • Question: Do BMC air filters need to be oiled before use?

  • Question: For my motor bike, what’s the difference between NORMAL and RACE?

  • Question: What is CDA?

  • Question: What is an OTA?

  • Question: Do you get better vehicle performance by installing CDA or OTA?

  • Question: What are Special or customised CDAs?

  • Question: I can’t find a specific CDA or OTA for my car.

  • Question: When you mount CDA or DIA do you need to re-program the electronic gearcase?

  • Question: Are CDA and DIA easy to install?

  • Question: Are there any useful tools for installing the direct intake kits (cone filters, CDA, DIA and VAS) produced by BMC?

  • Question: How can I tell if a BMC air intake system (DIA, CDA, or OTA) is original or not?

  • Question: What is the DIA filter?

  • Question: What is the difference between CDA and DIA?

  • Question: What is a CRF?

  • Question: I would like some information on BMC direct intake cone filters.

  • Question: What is a VAS filter?

  • Question: I would like to buy one of your CDA or DIA filters. I would like to know whether there are any counter indications as the car is new and still in guarantee and whether it can cause any problems to the flow gauge.

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